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The traditional way of taking payments from customers at many business types—including retail, quick serve restaurants, and various service related businesses—has remained largely unchanged for decades. The customers gets what they came for and then walks up to the counter where an attendant takes their payment and gives them a printed receipt. This method works just fine, and there’s plenty of wisdom in the old adage “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” but at the same time customers are evolving and competition gets stiffer every year. To help your business with a competitive advantage, the solution just might be to get out from behind the counter with a wireless payment terminal to where the customers are so you can create a memorable experience for them.

Point-of-sale systems and payment terminals have come a long way in the last couple of years, not only with smart terminals that collect customer information during the checkout process, but also with the flexibility they offer. For example, at SpotOn, our most popular point-of-sale is the hybrid wireless terminal, SpotOn Poynt. We also offer the PAX A920 wireless terminal as an optional add-on to SpotOn Register, our popular full point-of-sale system. Both wireless terminals provide added flexibility and unique use cases that can help businesses connect with customers.

To give you some ideas of the possibilities, here are four ways you can create a unique customer experience with the flexibility of a wireless smart terminal.

1. Create a High-Touch “Apple Store” Customer Experience

If you run a retail business or have a showroom of any type, this is a great way to outshine whatever your competitors are doing. Take your wireless terminal out onto the showroom floor, help a customer with whatever they need, and then complete the payment transaction right then and there without making the customer walk to the checkout counter.

2. Offer Pay-at-the-Table

If you run a cafe, coffee shop, or any other type of business where customers sit down, you can have your servers check customers out and have them pay right from their seats. This not only creates a more upscale experience, but it can also prevent lines at the counter from getting too long.

3. Task an Employee to Be a “Line Buster”

If your business sometimes experience long lines, having a wireless terminal in addition to your countertop point-of-sale makes it easy to tackle the lines and keep customers from getting frustrated. When the occasion rises, simply task an employee to get out from behind the counter and start working their way down the line.

4. Take Payments Outdoors or at Special Events

If you have a patio or ever participate as a vendor at events like fairs or swap meets, a wireless terminal enables you take nearly all forms of payments with the added security and data collection that those old-school “knuckle busters” with carbon paper lack.

Create an Experience That is Unique to Your Business

These are just some of the ways you can use a wireless payment terminal to help your business both streamline operations and create a memorable experience that keeps customers coming back. Remember that every business is different and there are likely some very unique ways you can incorporate a wireless terminal for success. If you are partnered with SpotOn, we are here to help. 

Contact one of our specialists at any time to discuss what payment solutions make sense for your business and devise creative ways to use them.

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